Political Awareness


I haven’t written a blog for over three months, and I contemplated on writing on a topic which primarily  focuses on how politically aware we should be, and using relevant sources for our information. We should avoid unreliable sources to continuously inform us, or for articles posted on a social networking site without checking authenticity. It is paramount for us to have some form of understanding  about the global situation, which is giving rise to so much blood shed.  On daily basis we are witnessing blood-shed of innocent individuals and this  is increasing at an alarming rate, and is impacting us.

We need to question ourselves as to how often we pay attention to the news. By watching different news channels, we are able to ascertain how media propaganda blinds audiences.  Essentially, we can avoid this propaganda if we switch channels and observe  from a neutral position. Certain channels are biased and funded to deliberately misinform audiences and will not always highlight the actuality of a certain situation. Very recently, a British corporation posted up an article on their website with regards to an Israeli soldier, killing an innocent Palestinian boy and 24 hours later, the article was deleted off their website. These very same news channels and corporations are hiding the truth and not permitting us to discover what really is happening globally. By being open mindedness we have the ability  to perceive correct information.  Remember that there is absolutely no harm in discovering what is happening across the world.

Lets take the situation in Syria as an example. Over two years ago, an uprising  took place when a minority of people in Syria wanted certain reforms in their country; President Bashar Al-Assad was barely given enough time to make any changes because foreign intervention from western countries was on the cards, which was completely unnecessary. This then escalated as the FSA was continuously getting funds from western countries and zionist entities. In a space of a few months innocent people were killed, homes were raided, women were raped in front of their families, and children were separated from their families. These atrocities have been ongoing for two years and may  have been prevented, had the western countries allowed for the Syrian President to resolve his country’s issues himself.

After two years (2013),  Hezbollah came into Syria in order to protect the innocent civilians in Syria, that were being brutally attacked and killed. Some may argue that there is no need for Hezbollah to be involved, however, the same goes for the intervention from Israel, UK and USA. Foreign intervention was not needed and bloodshed would not have escalated in Syria. Heinous crimes are continuing and innocent civilians are being crushed.  Hezbollahs presence is there in Syria to defend its borders and and defend the rights of the Syrian people who did not seek war. Hezbollah are not causing destruction – they are preventing destruction. The same Foreign alliance namely, US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and European countries,   who are continuously funding the FSA are portraying  Hezbollah as the enemy. I want to reiterate the point that, one  does not have to be Pro-Bashar to be Anti-FSA, but in all honesty, it is preeminent for us to be politically aware as to what really is taking place across the globe. The issue in Syria does affect us, as our tax money is being used to fund the cannibalistic FSA terrorists. Thousands of pounds are being used on sending arms to these terrorists who are massacring innocent people.

For how long are we just going to sit here helpless and see innocent lives being destroyed.  Are we just going to let it happen and not say or do anything? It is imperative for us to take action in the name of humanity. We need to raise awareness and stand up against injustice. Some of us find it hard to say anything, thinking we may be wrong, or perhaps we do not want to be corrected. However,  it is paramount for us all to come out of our shells and speak out against tyranny, regardless of what people think, simply because this will affect us in the future. We can easily contact our local MP’s and speak to them, we can even write to them – but ultimately we need to exemplify our concerns to them.


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